Thursday, 10 October 2013

Contoh soalan

Section B
1.         Clarify how various types and formats of media can be used to enhance the         
            effectiveness of teaching and learning. Provide suitable examples.
2.         Explain the difference between projected still visuals and graphic materials. Include       
            examples in your explanation.
3.         Explain how each of the following components affects the quality of a photograph.
            i.          Wide – angle lens
            ii.         Telephoto lens
            iii.        ISO 500 film
4.         Discuss how shots as listed below can be used while filming your visit to Zoo Negara.      
            Include examples in your discussion.
5.         Suggest two types of video camera shot that you may employ to film the scene at Zoo    
6.         Describe three ways to overcome plagiarism by internet users.
7.         Give two ways to protect your confidentiality when using the Internet.
8.         Teaching media plays an important role in the process of teaching.
            i.          What is meant by teaching media?
            ii.         Explain two advantages of teaching media.
9.         Explain the suitable teaching media for teaching the following skills.
            i.          Motor skill
            ii.         Mental skill
            iii.        Oral skill
10.       Explain two types of picture composition in photography.
11.       Explain the differences between the following :
            i.          SLR camera and TLR camera
            ii.         ISO 100 film and ISO 400 film
            iii.        2.8 aperture and 32 aperture
12.       List the steps taken to prepare the production of a video clip.
13.       The use of copyright materials are allowed for the purpose of education. Explain two 
            situations how this is practiced.
14.       State three ways to protect your confidentiality when accessing the Internet.

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