Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Technology will never take the place of a teacher nor will it cover for poor teaching. Part 1

Technology will never take the place of a teacher nor will it cover for poor teaching.
However, technology, used in the correct place and at the correct time, can enhance the educational process greatly.

There is a tendency to think of the classroom as removed from the rest of the world and isolated from change.
To some extent, this is true - many of us are in classrooms that Socrates himself almost might have taught in, the most developed “technology” being the whiteboard or perhaps an overhead projector. Even so, there are several reasons to keep current with technology: your students can use it, and in most things, the teacher should know at least as much as their students; the real possibility that you might someday be assigned a “smart” classroom, and many resources for continued learning, such as “podcasts,” come in the form of contemporary technology. In fact there are 10 pieces of technology every teacher should know how to use.

10 Pieces of Technology Every Teacher Should Know

1 a smart phone
a phone equipped with other devices, such as a camera and internet connection, it has been joked that you can do everything on a smart phone but place phone calls. However, a smart phone does prove useful for classrooms: a teacher I once knew, for example, took pictures of each student in her class, the student holding a large card with his or her name, so that she had a visual record of her students’ faces and names associated with them to refer to.

2          an iPod
Originally a device for storing electronic music, iPods are now a tool for storing other audio material, such as lectures, and are therefore good for teachers’ professional development. There are numerous “Podcasts” that can be found online on latest teaching information on topics such as English as a Second Language and technology. Teachers can also record their own podcasts, post them, and ask students to listen as homework. iPods are also relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

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