Monday, 9 September 2013

The Benefits are More Than Sound

Pelajar SK Sebangan, Simunjan

When every student can hear teacher’s voice clearly, they focus.
As students become more engaged in each lesson, they retain what is said.  A student who hears every word tends to respond to questions, and participate more in class. And with classroom audio technology, teachers don’t have to strain their voices to overcome noise and be heard.

Easy on Teachers’ Vocal Health
When teachers instruct and project all day long, they often experience voice fatigue and related illnesses.

Even Sound Distribution Transcends Noise
Classroom audio systems help teachers overcome various ambient noises (street sounds, playground and hallway activity, HVAC sounds and more). By evenly distributing the teacher’s voice throughout the classroom, classroom audio ensures every word is understood. Where a teacher stands in the room, proximity to students, and the need for priority seating simply cease to be issues.

Better Classroom Management
Louder is not better.  When teachers speak in even, calm tones, students respond. Enhanced voice intelligibility means students understand instructions the first time, minimizing the need for repetition or redirection.

More Class Participation
Classroom audio technology empowers students as well as teachers. Through the use of a hand microphone, students become more engaged. Their confidence grows as they give presentations, read aloud or answer questions.

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